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Welcome to the Library


The SYJ Library has its own library mouse. Come and visit, but please be quiet. Nibbles is often napping during the day.


The Book Fair is Coming to S.Y. Jackson!

Our Scholastic Book Fair is a reading event that brings the books kids want to read right into our school. It’s a wonderful selection of engaging and affordable books for every reading level. It’s also a great way to build up our inventory of high quality children’s books.


Book Fair Schedule:

The book fair will be open daily, 8:20-4:30.
Student Preview will be on Monday, December 5.Classes will visit the book fair and fill out a “wish list”.
Students with book fair money are welcome to come before/after school with parents, during morning and afternoon recess, and during their class preview slot (throughout the week).
Family Night will be Tuesday, December 6.

Volunteers Needed

There are many opportunities to help at the book fair! Email for information or return the form to your child’s teacher.


On-line Store

Can’t make it in?  Visit our on-line store,  at Please note: orders placed online will not arrive before Winter Break.


Welcome to our Library

Welcome to the S.Y. Jackson Library. My name is Mary Chappell, and I am your school librarian.  Please fee free to contact me at


Goals of the Library/Media Program

In the library, students develop informational literacy skills. In addition to checking out books, they attend library classes in which they focus on the following goals:

Developing a love of literature
How to access library resources (books, digital media, etc.)
How to evaluate library resources
How to use library resources
How to understand library resources

Library Class

Students attend library classes once a week. They are also welcome to visit the library during open hours (with the permission of the classroom teacher) to return and check out book, and to use our research station.  You are also welcome to visit the library and to check out books!


Book Selection

We teach the students how to find and use appropriate library resources. One strategy is to teach students how to select “just right” books – books that are neither too easy nor too difficult, but rather at just the right reading level so students enjoy reading without frustration.

Our library serves students in grades kindergarten to fifth grade. Many of our students are reading above their grade level and our students have a wide range of interests. We have selected our books with these reading levels and interests in mind, and with New Mexico Department of Education guidelines. If there are are topics or types of books that you prefer your child not read, please talk with your child about your expectations.  You are also welcome to email me about your preferences. I can note this information on your child’s school library card. My email address is


Book Care

We also teach students how to care for library resources responsibly.  We encourage them to

Return or renew their books on time
Keep library books in a special place so they can easily find them
Protect library books from damage by food and liquids, animals, and younger children.

We understand that sometimes, books are lost or damaged. I will let you know if your child is having difficulty returning a library book or if they return a book that is damaged beyond repair. APS district policy states that students will be charged the current replacement cost for books that are lost or damaged beyond repair. Payment is due before students can check out other books.

Book Clubs

Above all our other library/media goals, we hope to instill a love of reading in our students.  We have several book clubs that students can join, depending on their grade levels. Information about these clubs will be coming home in backpack mail in the next several weeks.


Caldecott Club (K-2nd grade)

The Caldecott Medal is a literary award given once a year to the most outstanding illustrated children’s book of the previous year.  We encourage students to read and enjoy these wonderfully designed books. To become a member of the S.Y. Jackson Library Caldecott Club, students read (or are read to) either Caldecott Medal or Honor Books and submit their list to the library. 


Newbery Club (3rd-5th grades)

The Newbery Award is given once a year to the author of the most outstanding author of an intermediate-aged children’s book.  To become a member of the S.Y. Jackson Library Newbery Club, students read Newbery Medal or Honor Books.  After reading one of the books, they come to the library and take a short quiz on the book.


Research Station

Our 4th and 5th graders are learning how to use library resources in the Research Station.  Students are encouraged to use the Research Station during their library class or during a morning or afternoon recess. 

They select a card containing a fact and several questions, and then search for answers to the questions in print resources in the library (no online resources). In addition to exercising critical thinking and reading skills, students learn how to cite references – an essential skill that that they will rely on as they move into middle school.

Students who answer the questions correctly and cite references earn a visit to the library “Treasures Chest”.

Britannica Image Quest

Kids InfoBits

World Book Kids