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Shop on SY Jackson Elementary School PTA whenever you shop and Amazon will dontare 0.5%*

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Promotions & Donations


Cheddar Up is a website where you can donate specifically to SY Jackson. 


Welcome to Box Tops for Education! My name is Yvonne Corcoran, and I’m the PTA Boxtops Chair at SY Jackson Elementary.  As with so many things, the program has changed this year.

There will not be scheduled collection dates this fall.  Instead, you will now be able to use your smartphone to register your boxtop receipts with a phone application.

Simply download the application and choose a username and password.  Don’t worry, you won’t need to sign in every time.  Be sure to choose SY Jackson as the school the money will go to!

When you shop, notice if any products have a Boxtops for Education logo. If so, save the receipt.

Simply open the app, click the scan button, and take a picture of the receipt. That’s it! Credit for your Boxtops purchase will be noted and our school gets money.

NOTE: You only have 2 WEEKS to scan receipt to get credit!

In normal times, we do class/grade competitions for pizza and donut parties . This year, let’s all work together and do this to support our school as a whole

Please email me if you have any questions or need help. If you have clipped, unexpired Boxtops, email me and we can work out a way to get those submitted as well.

You can also sign up for the Box Tops email newsletters that will keep you updated on the program.  To learn more, visit—and thanks for choosing to make a difference for our school with Box Tops!         

Yvonne Corcoran

PTA Boxtops Chair                                                

What do these three corporations have in common?

All will donate a portion of their proceeds to the SY Jackson PTA.

Smith s Food

With Smith’s:  All you need to do is: Register your Fresh Rewards card with SY Jackson. Just request a copy of the Smith’s letter (which has a barcode on it registered to SYJ.) The next time you are shopping, hand the cashier your card and the barcode letter. Registration must take place yearly.

Albertsons log

With Albertson’s:
Just request the Albertson’s Community Card (key ring size) which has already been registered to SY Jackson. (The key ring card does NOT need to be registered yearly.)

UnitedWay logoAnd perhaps the easiest way to help SYJ PTA is to make a donation to the United Waythrough your workplace. Please specify S.Y. Jackson PTA.


The Smith’s barcode letter and the Albertson’s Community Card can be picked up at the front office, or we can send the items home via backpack mail.